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The 10 Unusual Couples who got married for Weird Reasons!

Odd and lovely couples

It is said that love is blind. And, that love is eternal. Well, these unusual couples seem to fulfill all the criteria that qualifies them as a couple and however weird the reasons may be, they are in love. And that is all matters!

  • Jayla Cooper and Jose Griggs


  • Chadil Deffy and Sarinya Kamsook


  • Sal1000 and Nene Anegasaki


  • Peter, Paul and Maria


  • Ahmed Muhamed Dore and Safia Abdullah


  • Boris and Anna Kozlov

  • Anna Haining Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates

  • Erika and The Eiffel Tower


  • Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

  • Liu Ye and Himself

You would have realised how weird that marriage looks from the pictures. Watch the video below to know more about each of their marriage.

Credits : TheRichest



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