Youtube Star Adam Saleh kicked out of a Delta Flight for speaking in Arabic [Video]

Adam Saleh

While the year of 2016 comes to an end, an incident of racism was reported. It’s ridiculous to suffer racism in 2016. Adam Saleh, a YouTube star was kicked out of Delta Airlines. Why? Because he spoke Arabic. We all of us believed that Racism had died down in this world. But incidents like these only remind us that they can never be eliminated in the society.

It was reported that Adam Saleh was kicked out while he was speaking to his mom on the phone in Arabic. Adam Saleh immediately shot a video of the same and uploaded it on Twitter. It’s a shame that in this era, Racism still exists. Such social evils can be fought only by bringing out in open like this one.

This is 2016 and there is no more room for inequalities, Delta Airlines!

Credits : Shocking News



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