10 Countries where Anti-Abortion law still exists


Abortion is a fundamental right of a woman. Then, why is it some countries still face rigid laws against this practice. The basic problem comes with the beliefs and practices of a particular religion. And, the countries don’t seem like giving up these beliefs. Because they fear the misuse of this practice. But, we must understand that it is about allowing the woman the right to make choices. It is about when they want to have children in relation to their age, financial and relationship stability.

A fetus is not legally or scientifically a person or human being. Hence, we cannot even equate it to a murder or taking a life.

Abortion is only legal in Northern Ireland when a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. Developing countries, which have the strictest laws on ending a pregnancy, have the highest unsafe abortion rates. Six countries – El Salvador, Malta, the Vatican, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua – still refuse abortions to women under any circumstances, even if it’s to save her life.

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