Biden and Obama’s ‘Bromance’ as the term comes to an end!


President Barack Obama’s last day as president will be January 20, 2017, which is a Friday. But, his last full day at the White House would be on January 19, 2017 which is a Thursday.

Meanwhile, the viewers, voters and much of the internet cried along with Vice President Joe Biden Thursday. As President Barack Obama surprised him with a tribute and medal of freedom to honour his tenure as second-in-command. Both of them brought up their most memorable moments from the past eight years. Also, they showered each other with compliments and even referenced their “bromance” as their time in the White House drew to a close.

Biden was on tears as Obama gave him a surprise send-off. A great friendship it was! For his faith in the fellow Americans, for his love of the country and for his lifetime of service that will endure through the generations, he truly deserved the Highest Civilian honour!

Credits : CNN



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