Haters Picking on this Curvy Mom is a new low in Body Shaming

You can’t go five minutes these days without everybody chiming in on body acceptance, body shaming, or just expressing their opinion about what a human body should look like. Today’s generation does not see wrong in expressing their opinion. Expressing your opinion is okay. But shutting out anyone with a different body type than them is not okay. Society has created a wrong image of “perfect body”.

Magazines portray thin, lean bodies as “perfect and sexy bodies”. And this concept is fundamentally wrong. Because we are all different. We have all been created differently. If we are going to survive as a society, we need to stop putting down other people. We need to realise that we are all humans from within and we are all humans from outside.  Once we realise this, we will stop judging each other based on our looks.

Body Shaming will not stop until we accept our own body. We are all unique. So, let us start motivating and supporting one another instead!


Credits : Inside Edition



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