‘Boy’ : A Short Film that depicts the struggles of a Transgender

boy short film

‘Suzanne try to imagine that you had a huge dick.’ she says in ‘Boy’. Have any of you girls imagined so? Isn’t it it difficult to imagine one? Emilie, a 16 year old transsexual struggles every day to be like a boy. But, her mother doesn’t support her. Isn’t that difficult. You are trying to fight two battles. One, within yourself and the other, with the society.

‘Boy’ not just talks about the struggles that she faces with her mom but also about the conflicts and doubts within herself. Though, the society has spoken a lot about the struggles of Trans Woman. But, the same hasn’t been that prevalent with Trans Man.

Born into a female body and given the name Emilie, the main character feels trapped in his physical body. ‘Boy’ does an excellent job of providing a subtle yet powerful look at what life is like for a transgender teen who is fighting desperately to be understood and accepted by family. Also it is an honest look at the difficulties that arise in parent/child relationships.

Credits : Lucas Helth Postma



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