The question from a child leaves the audience perplexed!

What would you often relate a child to? Innocence. Purity. Playfulness. Curiosity. These are the basic essence of every child. Distrust develops and grows with age. However, children these days seem to have imbibed this trait along with sassy impudence and cheek.

This is exemplified in the video, where the kid questions his upbringing and the “goodness” and “morality” of people around him at Minecon 2016. Often the answer to this (as glorified by the video) is a generic English pop song. A kid answers back questioning your judgement, play “it’s a wonderful world.” or for a more dramatic effect a Christina Aguilera.

For the hope of a less apathetic next generation or just to put an end to that cycle of impudence, this needs to stop. Sassy children are difficult to deal with at best but ridiculously pretentious. Well then, this is the first crack in the pillar of civilisation.

Watch the video here.


Credits : SethShock



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