Decoding the 140 characters of Donald Trump’s tweets!

Donald Trump

After the presidential election, we haven’t heard a lot of speeches from Donald Trump. And we won’t be hearing much in future. Nevertheless, you might recognise some familiar speech patterns from his interviews to tweets. If you take a very close look at what Donald Trump is trying to convey, you will realise that he is selling emotions. Yes! You heard that right. He is selling emotions through those 140 characters.

Nerdwriter1 has closely observed his tweets and divided them into 3 divisions. First ones are the majority tweets that are tweeted from his personal android phone. Second ones are the ones tweeted from an iphone that one of his office member takes care of. And, the final ones are the ones that have been tweeted through a web client.

You can observe the patterns like use of exclamation mark and emotion at the end of the tweet here :

Got it? Well, what is the whole point of using these similar patterned tweets or talks. Watch the video below to find out.

Credits : Nerdwriter1





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