VIDEO : Victoria’s Secret Racism exposed

Kimberly Houzah claimed that a Victoria’s Secret employee in Oxford, Alabama had asked her and another black woman to leave the store after a black person was caught shoplifting in the popular women’s clothing store. Racism is a clear reality in our society that affects all people. Racism has existed throughout human history. And it is still in existence.

Houzah said on the video. “Because another black female gets caught stealing, me and the other black female here have to be affiliated, so we’re all put out.” Isn’t she right? You can’t violate the rights of a set of people just because they are black. Or just because they belong to some other race. Race was created socially. Race was created to achieve superiority. But, we can’t stop here. We need to strive hard to eliminate racism from the society.

One of the ways to eliminate is to bring in such issues into the spotlight. Because, the media and the society has improved to a large extent and supports such campaigns. Hence, the more these issues are brought in the limelight. The better they are responded to. Just like Houzah did!


Credits : Propaganda Machine



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