Exactly how big is a Tsunami ?


Natural Disasters have been destroying the man-made creations in seconds leaving him, homeless and hopeless. And, tsunamis show up less frequently than Earthquakes is one such disaster.

RealLifeLore talk all this disaster. From history to it’s damage, they have proven to be gigantic and dangerous. The Indian Ocean tsunami caused waves as high as 30 feet (9 meters) in some places, according to news reports. In other places witnesses described a rapid surging of the ocean.

Flooding can extend inland by a thousand feet (300 meters) or more. The enormous energy of a tsunami can lift giant boulders, flip vehicles, and demolish houses. Knowledge of the history of tsunamis in your area is a good indicator of what is likely to happen in a future tsunami event.

Well, these are just to name a few facts and truths about tsunamis. Watch the video to know more about them!

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