‘Azuma Hikari’ – the home robot that is both cool and depressing

Hikari - home robot

With the technology improving every day and setting it’s bar higher and higher, virtual home robot is just an addition to this list. Virtual Home Robot comes with all those features that only make your life simpler. From having access to your power supply to giving you suggestions, it has it all. Gatebox seems to have gone a step higher in this process. Gatebox’s “Azuma Hakiri” will not just be your home robot but can also act as your girlfriend.

This new release may look great and ease one’s life in terms of both comfort and companionship. However, this may only be a step down in human development. Gatebox’s robot may only cut down the social interaction of a worked up person making the person anti-social further. Though it may eliminate loneliness temporarily, it may not be worth investing for a longer time. As it will only affect the person psychologically.

This is just another setback in Human Evolution. And, if you haven’t realised already, “Azuma Hakiri” is Japanese anime character!

Credits : info vinclu



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