‘Identity’ : This Fabulous and Enriching Short Film is worth a Watch!


How many of us wear masks at home, office, college, school, etc? Why do you feel the necessity to wear a mask to fit into a particular group? Why is there a necessity for people to like you? What is your identity in all of these places?

The short film ‘Identity’ makes you question the reality. It makes you question your identity. Do you have the same identity at office and home? Why is it that we consider hiding ourselves behind the mask and covering up in certain places? Can we not just remove this mask off and be ourselves?

‘Plato’s Allegory of the Cave’ has been perfectly fit into the film. As the professor continues to talk about this he says, ‘In Plato’s Allegory, human beings living in a cave. And, all they can see is a dark wall. Because, all they have seen is the dark wall in their life.’. These words fit with the questions that the film is trying to pose to it’s audience.

Credits : Kalhil KJ Adames



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