‘It Eats You Up’ is the most intricate short film you would have watched!

“It Eats You Up” is a debut short film of director Kassim Norris. Kassim Norris is a director and  D.I. Colorist from Chicago. ‘It Eats You Up’ is a short adaptation based on the feature film ‘Adore the Wolf’.

The film talks about a young woman who tries to build a relationship with an imprisoned man after discovering his connection to her family. She convinces him that he is her biological father but he soon learns the purpose of their unusual relationship.

The movie is well structured one. Kassim realises the importance of sound and utilises it quite well in the process of the film. While he keeps most part of the film without a dialogue and adds it only in the climax. Thus, projecting it’s importance to the audience.

Apart from Kassim, Whitney Norris, Skyler Lawson, Brendon Oechsle have also worked closely with this film.

The movie opens to its true message in the climax. Watch until the end to grab the true essence of this movie!

It Eats You Up from kassim norris on Vimeo.


Credits : It Eats You Up from kassim norris on Vimeo.



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