Microsoft Presents the Future of Office Meetings

At its annual Build 2018 Developers Conference held at Seattle, Microsoft gave us an impressive glimpse of the conference room of the future, where meetings will be conducted with the help of AI-based device prototype, that can schedule, transcribe, and translate the entire meeting. Microsoft used a prototype device fully synced with Cortana for the demonstration.

The prototype hardware used in the demonstration contains a 360 degree camera and an array of microphones, that enable it to recognize people, greet them when they enter the room, and transcribe what is said during the meeting in the Insights and Notes section. The participants will also get notifications in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft’s Slack Competitor about the things said in the meeting.

It can even translate the entire conversation into multiple languages simultaneously. So, a person speaking another language or an employee located in another country speaking a different language can participate in the discussion without any inconvenience.

What is really impressive about the device is that people with hearing impairment would not have to rely on a sign language interpreter to participate in the discussion. The transcription document can help them to have an altogether different experience in an office meeting.

The new device with its facial and audio recognition feature can identify the speech pattern of each individual to prepare an accurate transcription even when discussions become a little chaotic, with people speaking over each other.

So far, Microsoft has not announced any timeline for launching its product. But the device definitely looks promising, and once launched, it can make our office conference rooms a lot smarter.

image credits : Endgadget




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