Middle East’s Women’s Defense Studio has set the course for change.

Women’s struggle for equal rights has been prevalent since a long time for now. It has also been a key element to fabricate the world history. The whole world has been raising voices against violence on women for the past few decades. This said, Middle East has been involved in a set of women empowerment programs. Accordingly, SheFighter, a first self-defense studio of its kind in the Middle East has been founded by Lina Khalifeh.

Picture a woman in the Middle East, and probably the first thing that comes into your mind will be the hijab. Middle East suffer from misogyny. The issues in Middle East are fundamental. As a result, women in these countries want a lot less – the basic right to live and to have a free will. They are perceived as weak and naive as compared to women in other countries.

SheFighter is helping these women to break through these stereotypes. The studio teaches women to defend themselves while empowering them to have a voice in society. The studio provides both mental and physical training to the women to help them build their confidence.

Self Defense and Self Protection are an important priority for women.  Assault on women is a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back. And it is time, that we change these stereotypes

Let’s stand up for ourselves!

Credits : Great Big Story



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