Remembering George Michael : Wham’s Last Christmas

George Michael Last Christmas

George Michael passed away on Christmas day due to a heart failure. Michael who acheived his fame through Wham’s Last Christmas song was not just a singer but also a gay icon. Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, the duo that made up Wham!, released the song in 1984. It rose to number two on the UK charts.

Wham!’s tune Last Christmas was released 32 years ago, and it sold over 1.8 million copies in that time. The infectious synth pop song, which continues to be one of the most popular Christmas tunes to date, has been covered by countless artists since its 1984 release.

Even two days after his death the sorrow has not soaked in completely. Let us pay him a tribute with Wham’s Last Christmas song.

Credits : WhamVEVO



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