The Short Film on Teenage pregnancies is a Must Watch for all the Teenagers and Parents!

Teenage Pregnancies

As one side of the social media burns in assaults on women, the other side another woman would have aborted a child. Why? Due to unplanned sexual activity. Teenage pregnancies have increasingly become a social problem. There are two ways to look at this problem.

One, Why is teenage pregnancy such a big deal? This is because teenage pregnancies are attempted at a younger age when the both the parents have low educational achievement. At this age, the teenagers don’t even have a proper source of income, thus leading to poverty. Hence, it becomes a social problem.

Also, consummating after a marriage became quite common. And, since the time that Indians adapted the western cullture, teenage pregnancies and abortion has increased due unplanned sexual activity. It is true that one can’t stop the young from containing their curiosity. But, the young women cannot be irresponsible about their health as well.

This short film with an amazing take on the teenage pregnancy. It talks about how the young woman’s conscience strikes back after her past tragedy with the same.

Credits : The Short Cuts



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