Short Film:I’m beautiful ; for all the beauty craving Girls out there


Most of us define or pass judgement about a person by looking at their physical appearance. This kind of judgements can cause a sense of inferiority for people who do not have the perfect features.

The short film I’m Beautiful by  Noah Lalonde starts with the introduction of a beautiful model who has all the perfection to be rightly called a model. She has the perfectly shaped nose, the red lustrous lips that would make anyone go awe with wonder, a beautiful glossy blond hair that slides down her perfectly shaped shoulder, the most breathtaking eyes and the perfect feature which is uncompromising. However, to get all these superfluous and perfections in her outlook, she goes through a trauma which at the end she feels if beauty was worth risking herself. This movie throws light on the essence of real beauty which is picturised and depicted by the director in a very fascinating manner.

Credits: i’m beautiful




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