Simon Sinek nails everything that is wrong with millennials

Simon Sinek

Why are Gen Y narcissistic and clueless at the same time? Why did the rate of depression and substance abuse go up drastically? Simon Sinek in an interview spoke about the answers to these questions.

Our generation is fuelled by a need to feel relevant and controlled by the pinging of their personal devices and forever heading to their own romanticised notions of glory. Satisfaction has become a distant memory from a long forgotten dream. Speed defines our daily lives while necessity drives it. Our acquaintances, friends, lifestyle are just a function of those variables. We seem to stumble through days convincing ourselves that we are living the moment but somehow we know ecstasy but not happiness. We know fine but not perfect.

A British/American author, speaker and consultant with a whacky sense of humour, Simon. Sinek answers these, providing an outsiders (Gen X) perspective. He analyses the flaws of the system while also offers solutions to this growing but disregarded predicament.

Credits : David Crossman



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