These are the six of the most bizarre beauty pageants!

Beauty Pageants

Women’s body images are exposed, exploited and used as commodities to enrich a society built on advertisements and entertainment. Beauty contests are pretty strange things to begin with: something about women being paraded on stage to have their bodies evaluated like cattle at an agricultural fair rubs. Provocative images of women sell and attract consumers to buy products that will probably not result in the same pleasures as advertised.

This video is a sarcastic take on the six unbelievable ways in which different companies have used women as beauty pageants. Here is a list of the six beauty pageants :

Miss Diaper Queen

This beauty pageant is one where they judged the women not for their walks but for their runs! If you have got to sell your diapers, just use women bodies and establish it’s link to your product somehow!

Miss Sausage Queen

These unusual beauty contests have weird competition sponsors. For example, Zion Meat Company sponsored the beauty contest during  National Hot Dog Week, 1955. Hence, it was called Sausage Queen.

Miss Perfect Posture

In the video, there is a picture of three women standing next three X-Rays. Well, thought it was a best radiologist pageant!

Miss Subways Queen

Yes! You guessed it right! Instead of walking a stage, the contestant rode the subway!!

Miss Lovely Eyes

Well, this is another weird beauty pageant! The contestants’ entire face is covered with a mask except the eyes. And the contestant with the most beautiful eyes wins the competition. One of the worst ways to tear up a women’s body and judge. Way to go!

Miss NASA Queen

From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, NASA held a yearly pageant. Well, just hoping this has atleast got to do something with the brains and not just about the looks.

Well, these were some of the weirdest beauty pageants that were conducted back then. Thank god, they exist no more and died down in popularity. Watch the video by Good Mythical Morning below to know more about these pageants!

Credits : Good Mythical Morning



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