SNL celebrated a very Trumped Christmas with Vladimir Putin!


SNL celebrated it’s christmas a week before with the new episode “Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open”. The skit mocked the recent news headlines that American authorities believe Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. It also made a mockery of him for electing Ricky Perry as the Energy Secretary. Alec Baldwin aka Donald Trump said “I saw him in the dancing Stars”. “And, he has really good energy”.

Meanwhile, shirtless Russian president entered from the chimney. While the Russian president gifts Donald “an elf in the shelf doll”, he apologises for not having any gift for him. Meanwhile, Putin says that the US president himself is his gift. Well, the main part is yet to come!

Rex Tillerson, appointed secretary of the state walks in. Once again the mockery begins. “Pootie” he says mocking the Exxon Mobil CEO’s close relation with Russia. Well, watch more to know what happens!

Credits : SNL



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