Stop Staring at Women! She is not a Sex Object!

Women have always been a victim of sexual objectification. When a man stares at a woman, he is not just making her uncomfortable but also treating her like an object. It is not okay to stare at anything that is beautiful. No, it’s not! Women are human beings. Women exist for the same reason men exist: to live on this planet.

Objectification is, by definition, dehumanisation. What’s wrong in making a woman feel like an object? Everything is wrong about it! Because it implies ownership and control: objects are the things we own and control. The definition of objectify is to degrade to the status of a mere object. The woman you are looking at is more than her clothes and body. It is a woman’s responsibility to dress herself in the morning. It is your responsibility to look at her like a human being regardless of what she is wearing.

So, stop blaming her clothes as a reason for you to stare. Learn to control your eyes and their movement. We are not sorry for the way we dress. So, don’t turn around and try to justify what you just did!

Remember, women are subjects not objects!

Credits and big love to our guys at : Slang



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