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Top 10 most dangerous roads in the world!

These are the top 10 high-risk roads in the world. Dare to cross?

10. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China.

Infamously known for being one of the most perilous tunnels in the world, it is also called the ‘Long Corridor in the Cliffs’. The tunnel is a bare minimum; only 16 feet tall and 13 feet wide. 30 windows on the sides give an overview of your possible fate if you fail to cross the tunnel attentively. It is said that the tunnel was built by 13 villagers who used nothing but hammers and chisels over a period of 5 years.


9. Los Caracoles Pass, Argentina-Chile

If you are crossing the Andes through Argentina-Chile, then you must gear up for some adventure. Termed as the ‘Snell’s Past’ by locals, the Los Caracoles Pass is one of the most dangerous passes in the world. It has over 20 hairpin turns, switchbacks with no guardrails. To make things more unpredictable, road is covered with snow almost all the year round!


8. Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Over 13,000 miles long, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway passes the Szechuan Province of China into Tibet. What makes the road dangerous is the high elevation and lack of oxygen. The roads are worn out mountainous road with risky hairpin bends. Frequently occurring landslides and avalanches make the road one of the most dreaded amongst travellers. Often covered in rain and ice for almost 10 months in a year, it causes travellers to get stuck for weeks which leads to other crimes. such as thefts, fights, kidnappings etc.


7. Stelvio Pass, Italy

At an elevation of 9045 feet, the Stelvio Pass is amongst the top 50 highest mountain roads in Europe. It is the highest paved mountain pass in Eastern Alps and only a concrete border decides your life and death. With over 48 hairpin-bends and 180 degree corners, shall test your calm and driving proficiency. Although the road is open only during summers, one could experience snow due to its high elevation.


6. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

Located in New Zealand’s South Island, the Skippers Canyon is a gravel road which had been hand carved by miners, 140 yrs ago. The trek down the 16 mile road gets risky due to its narrowness which allows only one vehicle at a time to pass through. Even if one could find. broad enough space for a car to pass, the gravel on the sides could eventually make the car slip down the canyon.


5. North Yungas Road

Also known as the Road of Death, is a 12 feet wide pathway, shrouded with the Cordillera Oriental Mountain Chain on its sides which has resulted over 300 deaths a year. One side of the road in stone the other side is a steep 2000 m drop. Built by prisoners in 1930, the North Yungas Road is sure to give you all the chills!


4. James Dalton Highway

The James Dalton Highway is a 414 mile gravel highway stretching across the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. Built in 1974, it is one of the longest stretches of road without any kind of service that is,  no gas stations, restaurants, hotel. Absolute solitude. The road also has giant potholes and with temperatures dipping below 0 degrees, it is advisable to carry survival gear.


3. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Known as the highest paved international road in the world, the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan stretches up to 800 miles. It connects China and Pakistan. It has a rock wall on one side and no barrier on the other. Some of the common problems faced are altitude sickness, snow, flash floods, avalanches landslides.


2. Trollstigen, Norway

Known as the ‘Troll’s Path’, The Trollstigen in Norway is sure to give you the heart pumping experience. With over 11 hairpin turns, the single lane road is in a deplorable condition. Some improvements have been made yet it is at its riskiest best at night and during erratic weather.


1. The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road in Norway is just over 5 miles long, connects a chain of Norwegian Islands with its 8 bridges. The inclement weather makes travelling dangerous. The waves from the ocean keep crashing on the road, causing vehicles to to hydroplane.


These are the top 10 most dangerous roads. Would you dare to experience any?





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