This video completely nails everything that is wrong with India’s obsession for fair skin

india and fair skin

Indian obsession towards lighter skin has persisted for a long time now. Even before the advent of Indian commercials on various skin products, the Indian households have influenced the minds of children with a wrong notion towards beauty. And this has largely affected their perspective on beauty even as grown up individuals.

This video has conveyed both the reason and the solutions to this problem. It encourages every girl not to shy away from her dusky skin. The video explains how the false notion of beauty is injected into the child’s mind by giving her regular instructions of Do’s and Dont’s.

This creates an inferiority complex and she tends to accept that she is not pretty. This affects her confidence and outgoing nature to a large extent. And in such cases, only someone who is extremely close to them can bring back confidence and happiness in their lives. The video ends with a cute love story that sends a strong message to all those beautiful dusky girls hiding under a veil of low self-confidence.


Celebrate yourself for who you are!

Credit : Playground < Lots of love to you guys and keep up the awesome work !



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