Watch this epic roast of George Lucas by Carrie Fisher on AFI awards!

carrie fisher roast

Carrie Fisher left us on Tuesday Morning. She passed away aged 60 due to Cardiac Arrest. She was a heavy drug and alcohol consumer. Even though she has left us, we can’t forget how smart and witty was this talented actress. Hollywood pays it’s condolences to the fame of Star Wars.

As the Hollywood witnessed one of the most painful day with Fisher’s death, we would like to pay tribute to her by resurfacing one of her famous roast of George Lucas. The late actress critiqued everything from Princess Leia’s hair and costume to her weak character development in Star Wars. Also, Fisher praises Lucas while good heartedly calling out his bullshit, and with it, the sexism of Hollywood.

Fisher has never shied away from discussing her love-hate relationship with Lucas.  Watch this epic roasting of George Lucas by Carrie Fisher.

Credits :  American Film Institute



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