[WATCH] What happens when Tuna swallows Seagull

Tuna versus seagull

Tuna is a saltwater fish and Seagulls are seabirds. What would happen if Tuna swallowed a Seagull? That’s exactly what happened in this video. While the tourists were feeding the fish with sardines, the seagull tried to steal the treat. And, that is when it swallowed the seagull whole, before the elusive bird escaped and flew away.

Well, this incident is quite a weird thing because Seagulls are not generally a part of the fish’s menu. And it is surprising how the fish swallowed away the whole of Seagull. Tuna spat out the Seagull just in time. That was one lucky Seagull. Watch this video shot by one of the tourists while the whole incident occurred.

Credits : ViralHog



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