White Boy meets Indian Girlfriend’s Parents

As we progress in our thinking, it has become less about the race discrimination and more about the stereotypes associated with the race. Hence, ethnic stereotyping of South Asians has become common place. We are Indians. But, not all of us do yoga. Not all of us prefer Indian restaurants. No, not all of us eat masala or Samosa! Yes, we agree that all of this is a part of our Indian culture. But that doesn’t mean that all the Indian individuals identify themselves with these labels.

Remember that I could be a brown girl who doesn’t like watching Bollywood movies but know about the history of the Maurya and Chola empires and like South Indian Poetry. But, that doesn’t mean you can identify me with the Indian tags!

Stereotypes only blind you to the true richness of culture, in all its depth and varieties. India is more than Bollywood. This video on stereotypes of a brown girl by Lilly Singh is a hit! This sarcastic take on the stereotypes will leave you with a valuable message in the end!


Culture can’t be defined, it can only be experienced!

Credits : iiSuperWomanii



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