How will Trump’s presidency affect the Climate Change?

climate change

Donald Trump called climate change a “Chinese Hoax”It’s difficult to know which of these promises Trump will follow through on. But, the climate scientists have already warned that his plan is a disaster. 

Trump talked about abolishing the EPA. Trump’s energy plans are also cause for alarm. He wants to bring back coal mining to restore coal mining jobs. Also, coal is responsible for thousands of premature deaths per year. But, it is time we shift towards the renewable energy. 

The president-elect’s goal of energy independency is also absurd. It’s not realistic to be completely self-sustaining in today’s global economy. Trump has also attacked wind and solar energy. Renewables are here to stay and they are already employing millions of Americans.

If renewable energy has to stay then, it will regardless of the administration. Administration can only make it easier or difficult.

Credits : Late Night with Seth Meyers



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